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How important are High School clubs in the College Admission process?

Answer: High School clubs are as important as you make them. How you spend your time outside of the classroom does matter as it tells the Admission Counselors a lot about who you are beyond your grades.

According to the Princeton Review, here are 11 tips regarding High School Clubs:

Tip #1: Know your options

Tip #2: Choose quality over quantity

Tip #3: Understand that colleges know you can’t be everywhere all the time

Tip #4: Deepen your engagement over time

Tip #5: Try to gain professional experience

Tip #6: Don’t try to game the college admissions process

Tip #7: Consider giving back to your community

Tip #8: Strengthen your time-management skills

Tip #9: If you can’t find clubs you want to join, start your own

Tip #10: Build relationships with teachers and advisors

Tip #11: As with most things, you get out what you put in