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As working moms, we all know that one of the most difficult things to manage is “shape-shifting” all day. One moment we are making important decisions about finances, strategy, or hiring decisions, and then the next we are taking a call from a teacher about behavior issues at school.

Then when the evening hits, we have to change gears and switch out again. Homework, after school activities, and making dinner.

I think that for me trying to adjust and shift gears all day is probably one of the more difficult things I have to do, at least regularly. I tend to be very mentally preoccupied in spaces where I shouldn’t be… like when I’m watching my son’s basketball game or playing dolls with my daughter. Being an entrepreneur you don’t clock-out at 5pm, so if you don’t self regulate, work can literally consume your life.

I always envy the people that can go to work at 9am and leave 5pm because I feel like they have a set time frame to accomplish tasks and everything else can wait until the “next day”.

Business owners don’t have that luxury, but, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. ~LeAnn Cyr