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As an entrepreneur, I thrive on new ideas. If I’m not developing new ideas, I feel stifled and stagnant. If my day consists of the obligatory administrative duties and reacting to things from the outside world, versus creating and thinking through concepts, it actually affects my mood and I can become despondent. I have a rule for myself to try to have one new idea every single day, no matter how big or small. The idea has to involve expanding my businesses or propelling them forward. If I can’t come up with a business idea then I try to think of something for my children, either collectively or individually, that will help them reach their personal goals and objectives.

When someone on my management team gets a text from me saying, “call me, I have an idea” they know what that means. LOL.

Not every idea is successful and not every idea works, but as long as I have more good ones than bad ones, then I know I’m heading in the right direction.

I believe that new ideas are the cornerstone to success as a student, employee or entrepreneur. Development of ideas can prove invaluable to an employer. As students, the development of new ideas are important in creative writing papers. The more unique and innovative your approach, the more likely to impress your professor. Lastly, the more creative your personal statement, the more likely it will get the attention of an admissions committee.

Never underestimate the importance of thinking outside the box and developing new ideas and ways of doing things! ~LeAnn Cyr