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We start at the point in the process that is necessary for you.

At Le CYR Consulting, we draw on the unique experiences of business, medical and legal professionals, as well as former Higher Education Counselors to bring you a holistic approach to the college and job placement process.

Whether you are applying to an elite institution, graduate or medical school, or taking the next step in your career, we have experienced experts to guide you along the way.

Customize a program that is right for you and meets your goals!

What we need from You

  • Forms filled out
  • Test scores
  • Transcripts
  • Current courses
  • Resume or CV, if applicable
  • Essays and/or personal statements written to date

Our Process

  • We get to know who you are
  • We review your information
  • We develop a short and long term plan
  • We schedule the appropriate sessions with your assigned Consultant
  • We will oftentimes assign work for you to do between sessions
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