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Although they are often used interchangeably, the terms “College Prep Program” and “College and Career Readiness (#CCR) program” have distinct meanings and purposes.

In the private sector, a #CollegePrep program focuses on preparing students for #CollegeAdmissions. This typically includes activities such as #EssayWriting, #SAT preparation, #scholarship research, and other aspects specifically related to college admission requirements.

On the other hand, a public sector CCR program aims to prepare students for both college and career pathways. These programs take a more comprehensive approach, offering academic preparation, work-based learning opportunities, and career exploration. They collaborate with schools to enhance students’ readiness by providing career exploration activities, mentoring programs, internships, and assistance with college applications.

Additionally, public school CCR programs are designed to meet State accountability guidelines and adhere to CCR standards and requirements.

The partnership between CCR programs and public (and charter) schools ensures that all students have access to comprehensive college and career readiness experiences, regardless of their financial means. This helps to level the playing field and provide equal opportunities for students who may not be able to afford private college prep programs.

As a specific example, the program offered under Le CYR Consulting is a college prep program. The programs offered under the “Le Cyr Learning” umbrella are CCR/ CCMR programs intended for the public school systems.


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