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Getting the most out of your college tour…

Take notes!

🏆Tour guides give you an inordinate amount of information

🏆Inside knowledge about nuances that you will not be able to find through research

🏆The information is invaluable when you’re answering questions about why you want to attend their university

Below is an example of a student that did a great job being specific and integrating info from her tour at Yale. There are a lot of subtle points integrated into this very limited short answer question that only people that know Yale would pick up on, eg, the random selection of houses, intense rivalry/traditions of the Yale-Harvard games, and the College Teas.

Why #Yale?

During my Yale tour, I was captivated by the passion the guide exuded over Yale’s camaraderie and community, as well as the emphasis on public and social justice, which is uniquely integrated into the Yale education through its mission to serve all sectors of the community. I look forward to joining Dwight Hall’s service groups who focus on children and political advocacy, and being a member of a student body focused on selflessness. Because of the environment of solidarity, I was able to clearly picture myself as a member of a tight-knit residential college family (I’m sure that my randomly chosen one will be the best), engaging in inter-collegiate activities, bonding with my suitemates over Harvard-Yale games, and meeting inspiring speakers by attending College Teas.