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One of the more difficult decisions that Alexa had to make earlier this year was choosing between Berkeley and UCLA. The major issue was that Berkeley was offering her a scholarship, the “Generation Change Scholarship” and even doubled her scholarship after one month of their initial offer. UCLA, on the other hand, did not offer her a scholarship. From what I hear, they are more conservative with scholarships because so many people apply to their school. They receive the most applicants of any university in the country, over 110,000 annually.

Nevertheless, we decide to go with UCLA for a lot of different reasons; some related to work and the opportunities that LA presented.

That said, Alexa was just informed that she received the Stevens House Scholarship managed by the UCLA Foundation in honor of Episcopal Bishop Stevens. It was very unexpected and it is not huge relative to tuition, but every bit counts when it comes to college…we are grateful. It is an honor when anyone recognizes you academically. We are very proud of you, Alexa.