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This has been one of the most important decisions that Alexa has had to make in her 17 years. Although she was accepted and given scholarships to many prestigious universities, including UC Berkeley, the George Washington University Presidential Scholarship, and the Victors Award at the University of Michigan (all were academic-based), she has decided on and committed to UCLA.

I wanted to thank a few people that have helped her along the way:

Amy Christopher Rowe and Wendy Vick for your constant guidance and encouragement. You both always made her feel like she could do literally anything.

Natalie Baker Williams and Jordan Williams, Kelly Jones Sargeant, Heather Bassham Sumlin, Melissa Trawick-Sullivan, and JJ Smith. As you know, pageants were one of the themes on her resume and the whole purpose, for me, was always to help her become more a more confident, articulate, well-spoken person. You guys all helped tremendously in that process. Especially with regard to the development and expression of her ideas and beliefs; knowing where they come from and how to stand up for them diplomatically.

Nico (and Davida LaHood) for the opportunity to intern with the District Attorney’s office, which led to Gov Greg Abbott’s office. (Not to mention the apologetics lessons, which will serve her well in California). Lol.

Also, Karen Grace for the internship opportunity with Kens5. Another theme on Alexa’s resume was politics, which is what she wants to study as of now. So these experiences were so valuable to her.

Lastly, Tommy Tbone Bounds and Jana Meszkat Bounds, Roderick Batson, Manuel Diotte, Sheila Milner and Karina Villa for all your support with Alexa’s community service endeavors. The most important part of her resume was the community service work she did in San Antonio and Houston. Your support was instrumental in building the basis for her service activities and non-profit, PROject Christ.

We are incredibly proud of Alexa and all the hard work she has put into the last 4 years of school. We are excited that we will be able to visit our firstborn in one of our favorites cities in the world and that she will be literally down the street from my childhood best friend, Jeanne Petrone Arzubiaga.

(BTW, her decision to choose UCLA over Berkeley was mainly based on the fact that Berkeley is more STEM-focused and Alexa, as of now, is a Political Science major.)

Stay blessed and healthy everyone! Special thanks to our huge, crazy and loving family for always being Alexa’s biggest cheerleaders!! 🥳🙏❤️